Come On, Get Happy – Celebrating the Music of David Cassidy (R.I.P.)

For anyone who grew up in the 1970s, yesterdays announcement of the death of David Cassidy was sure to bring a reaction.

Whether you liked him or not, David Cassidy was such a huge recording and television star that even if you didn’t like his work you knew who he was and knew his image.

Personally, some of the first music I ever bought and listened to was the music of The Partridge Family.

Say what you will but the music that David Cassidy recorded as a part of The Partridge Family still endures, still entertains, still brings a smile and still sounds great. It’s lasting, it’s well written and most importantly well sung by David Cassidy.

The first three Partridge Family albums especially – The Partridge Family Album, Up to Date and Sound Magazine – are loaded with one pop gem after another: “Point Me in the Direction of Albuquerque”. “Somebody Wants to Love You”, “I Think I Love You”, “Brand New Me”,”Only a Moment Ago”, “I’ll Meet You Halfway”, “Doesn’t Somebody Want to Be Wanted”, “Morning Rider on the Road”, “I’ll Leave Myself a Little Time”, “You Are Always on My Mind”, “There’s No Doubt in My Mind”. “One Night Stand”, “I Woke Up  in Love This Morning”, “Echo Valley 2-6809”, “You Don’t Have to Tell Me”, “Rainmaker” and “I’m On My Way Back Home”.

David Cassidy’s lead vocals highlight all of The Partridge Family recordings and his impassioned delivery is really what makes these songs shine. His voice was so right for pop music and oh so right for these songs.

Above and below I’ve shared photos of all The Partridge Family and David Cassidy CDs I  own. I hope if you’ve never heard this music, you should make it a point to explore it sometime.

It took me a while to really explore Cassidy’s solo music but there are also some gems on those albums as well. They feature a bit more rock and soul which was more to his personal tastes but again they are well written and produced and sung exceptionally well.

The Razor and Tie issues of The Partridge Family albums are best (the first five Partridge family albums) but thankfully all The Partridge Family albums were released on CD and can be found pretty easily.

There are also several greatest hits the best of which is “Come On Get Happy!: The Very Best of The Partridge Family” which is the only place you can find the songs “Together (Havin’ a Ball)”, “Let the Good times In” and “Stephanie” which were all featured on The Partridge Family TV show but not released until this collection.

Whether you seek this music out on disc or online take a moment to listen and yes come on get happy.

The best tribute to anyone is not to be forgotten. And as long as people listen to music David Cassidy will not be forgotten. At least not by me or the millions who grew up listening to him.

One of my favorite Partridge Family songs “Only A Moment Ago” says what I’m feeling so beautifully:

“Why has the music stopped? 
Where did all the happy people go?
I know they were there, songs everywhere
Only a moment ago.
I only blinked my eye; and now the world that I used to know
Is changing’ on me; why can’t it be
Only a moment ago?”

R.I.P. David Cassidy


2 thoughts on “Come On, Get Happy – Celebrating the Music of David Cassidy (R.I.P.)

  1. Jim, thank you for sharing your article and the pictures of the albums. I have several and didn’t know the others. I have been a true fan of David since 9yrs old. I cherished him! Unfortunately, I never was able to meet him. It was a dream but sometimes dreams come true. David should be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. His contributions to the music business were astounding.

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  2. Thank you James for this article, I totally agree with you all the Partridge Family Music and David Cassidy music is such great music! He had a voice like none other, and David should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!!!!

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