Welcome! Living in the Physical World

Do you stream music on your phone? Are you one of those people who download songs to your Ipod and have never stepped foot inside a record store? What’s a record store you say? Yikes! Well, this blog may give you a headache or hives but I will try to show you some of my collection of old fart physical media (CDs, vinyl, 8-Tracks) featuring some of my favorite artists.

Seriously, any music fan is welcome but this blog will celebrate music in it’s physical form be it vinyl, CD, cassette, 8-Track or even those long forgotten Playtapes from the late 1960s’ (more about those in a future post!).

I may from time to time also talk about something current in the music scene or share some of my interviews with musicians.

I’m a freelance writer part-time and have interviewed people such as Gene Simmons of Kiss, Rick Springfield, Peter Tork and Micky Dolenz of The Monkees, Steely Dan and the group America among many, many others for newspaper articles.

I may also highlight stereo equipment, yes there are other ways of playing music besides the phone or computer!

So sit back, slap on a set of headphones (not my personal choice as I hate headphones) or lean against those aging but still oh so nice pair of Pioneer speakers and as someone whose music I admire greatly said – Roll up for the mystery tour, step right this way …


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