Band on the SHM – A ” Pure/Pie” Paul McCartney SHM-CD Roundup

Well all I can say today is TGIF! Maybe that’s your sentiment as well and if so happy pre-weekend.

At any rate today I thought I’d share a mini-roundup of some Paul McCartney SHM-CDs I just received recently.

As you may know if you read this blog I have a thing for SHM-CDs so whenever I get some new ones I like to post them here as many times they go undetected out in the collector universe.

Today I’m sharing some thoughts on two SHM-CDs:

“Pure McCartney” – A two-CD set from 2016

“Flaming Pie” – A two-CD set that just came out this month

So here we go:

“Pure McCartney”

Having previously reviewed the lovely 4 CD SHM-CD version of this set even I am kind of surprised to be talking about the 2 CD set as I thought I would never buy one.

Well, lol, that’s something I should never say as I found this 2 CD version on sale online at a very cut price so I thought why not? I love the sound of the 4 CD version and this version would be perfect for the car (yes, I do still have a CD player in my car).

First off, as an overview of McCartney’s solo career, this 2 CD set is really a great way to have most of his solo hits as well as a choice selection of interesting deep cuts. Songs like “Dear Boy” (from “Ram”), “Jenny Wren” (from “Chaos and Creation in the Backyard”), “Arrow Through Me” (from “Back to the Egg”), “Wanderlust” (from “Tug of War”) and “Only Mama Knows” (from “Memory Almost Full”) sit so comfortably next to the hits and really shine out of context from their main albums.

To me this 2 CD set is a really nice distillation of McCartney’s solo work and provides proof positive that his songwriting career did not end with The Beatles as many naysayers would snidely insist.

What I enjoy about this set, and most of the SHM-CDs I own, is that there seems to be a tad bit more richness to the bass and the stereo separation on this songs as compared to the regular issue CD. I know many don’t hear it but I do and these SHM-CDs are now my go-to versions of these albums.

“Flaming Pie”

What can I say, I’ve been on a “Flaming Pie” binge lately – and loving it! I’ve recently reviewed both the standard U.S. CD issue of this album as well as the Deluxe 5CD/2 DVD set. So really a 2 SHM-CD version as well? Yes, of course says the man behind the collector’s curtain.

I’m not going to say that this new SHM-CD version of the album sounds dramatically better than the regular version – it doesn’t.  What I will say is that this SHM-CD version does really shine on the remastered album from the first disc. Of course it’s not a day or night difference mind you but as I’ve said above the bass is smoother to my ears and everything seems a little bit more defined.

I will add that when the “Flaming Pie” reissue was first announced a few months ago I was kind of let down as I was really looking forward to Archive editions of the two remaining 1970’s Wings albums “London Town” and “Back to the Egg”. It’s not that I didn’t like the “Flaming Pie” album, I love it,  but in my mind I didn’t see the need for a new issue.

After living with the new McCartney Archive editions of “Flaming Pie” for a few weeks I have to admit I forgot how truly great most of the songs on this album are and how many of them are among McCartney’s career best.

Any McCartney album that includes “Somedays”, “Calico Skies”, “Beautiful Night” and “Little Willow” is well worth celebrating and remastering. I must say I would add the “Flaming Pie” album to my all-time McCartney solo Top Ten. Even the lesser tracks like “Used to be Bad” and “If You Wanna” have really grown on me.

There you  have it. This blog post may only appeal to the Maccaheads out there but for those who enjoy these things I thought it might be fun to get a glimpse of the SHM-CD versions of these two discs.

As usual see photos above and also be well and safe.

Until next time, enjoy the weekend!






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