Listen to the Band … On Vinyl – “The Monkees Live: The Mike & Micky Show” 2 LP Set

Welcome my friends to another summer Friday here in Webland!

I was going to post a look at the groovy new Deluxe 5CD/2DVD box set of Paul McCartney’s “Flaming Pie” album but I am still in the process of savory every single morsel of its contents before I give my thoughts.

Sooo, since anther gem of a grooviness landed at my door yesterday I thought I’d share some thoughts on that instead.

Recently I shared a review of the fabulous CD “The Monkees Live – The Mike & Micky Show” and low and behold the 2 Lp vinyl addition finally managed to makes it way to me so tada here we go with a look at these lovely slices of vinyl.

I had this vinyl set on pre-order since ot was announced but for some strange reason the album was in and out of stock and it took several weeks for it to get here. As they say sometimes it’s just worth the wait and I’m happy to report this 2 Lp set is terrific and well worth the wait for sure!

I won’t go into too much detail about the music on this new set as my previous review of the CD details the songs, etc. on the album. I will say, however, that as good as the CD sounds (and it’s one fine sounding CD) this 2 Lp set I think may sound even better.

Mastered by renowned mastering engineer Kevin Gray, this new 2 Lp set absolutely sounds breathtaking. The music is crisp and clear and packs a lot of punch and the vocals, the vocals just sound so amazing. Everything on the set sounds balanced and alive with all the dynamics intact.

This new 2 Lp set sounds so warm and inviting I’ve honestly never heard The Monkees sound so good. Everything about this set is a treat. The vinyl is dead quiet and the mastering makes it sound almost analog though it was certainly digitally captured and mastered.

After playing side one of the album I decided that it was just too good to stop. That to me says it all. You just sit enveloped in the sound as if The Monkees are performing right in front of you.

The fact that this live album is by far the best representation aurally of the group ever doesn’t hurt but this new 2 Lp set just hits my sweet spot as is now my go to version of this album.

I would highly recommend tracking it down if you’re a fan of the group and are interested in the best sounding version that you can get your hands on and enjoy.

Don’t get me wrong the CD version and I ‘m sure the download version sound great but there’s something special about the sound of this 2 Lp set that really captures the feel of The Monkees 1960’s Lp’s while improving on the fidelity.

As usual you can take a gander at the set above.

That’s all for now. Just a break from all the McCartney music I’ve been enjoying all week. I should be back soon with some thoughts on that set but until then take care and be well.

Until next time, enjoy and it’s Friday!!!




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