Goodbye 2019 with Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” (Picture Disc – Walmart Exclusive)


Well here we are, a couple of days from the new year and all is … warm?

Yes instead of a white Christmas it’s been a white hot Christmas with temperatures hovering around 60 degrees (a rare occurrence in these parts at this time of year) which is just fine by me.

I’m dreaming of a warm New Year’s Eve filled with laughter, good food, good times and of course music.

And to close out this fine warm week I can think of no better way to celebrate  a new  year coming than to highlight a brand vinyl new acquisition.

Before I do I must say how much it warms my heart to see the younger generation grab onto some physical media music. I was in a local record store a couple of days ago and was floored to see it filled with younger shoppers all with stacks of vinyl albums to buy.

Not only that but yesterday I was at a family gathering and lo and behold a groovy teenager there (Hi Zoey!) excitedly got a new turntable and several new vinyl albums (one was the new 2019 Beatles “Abbey Road” pressing – LOVE that). Warmed my heart, it really did! I thought all forms of physical media were passe but this week has brightened my outlook a bit.

Anyway, today I want to highlight an early birthday present I received yesterday as well – a most groovy picture disc vinyl pressing of one of my all-time favorite Elton John albums “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”.

This new gem is a Walmart exclusive apparently (at least it says so on the hype sticker) and on the back has a copyright date of 2014. I have loved this particular album since I first heard it in the late 1970’s when I got a beat up original copy at a local flea market.

Since that time I’ve owned this album on a few different CD pressings but haven’t owned it on vinyl in years since that beat up copy bite the dust and was traded in years a go in one of my vinyl purges at the dawn of the CD era.

It;s nice to have this album again on vinyl and who would have thought that Walmart of all places would have such a fun exclusive like this.

I must say that Walmart does seem to have an abundance of cool vinyl exclusives. They also have five Fleetwood Mac colored vinyl albums (their big five sellers including “Rumours”) that are only available otherwise in a more expensive box set online.

So when I saw this groovy new pressing of “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” come my way as an early present (my birthday is in just over two weeks) I was tickled to err, yellow?

Now picture discs notoriously don’t sound the best. They look pretty but most times lack in sound quality as compared to normal black vinyl pressings.

I am happy to report though that after playing these two beauties I was pleasantly surprised to find that they sounded pretty darn great! They weren’t the quietest pressings I’ve ever owned but aside from a few clicks and ticks here and there the mastering on this set sounds superb.

Everything is nice and full bodied sounding with great bass and clean and crisp vocals that really is one of the better listening experiences  I’ve ever had with this album – go figure!

Both discs in the set are picture discs (see above) and of course the cover is an exact replica of the original 1970’s pressing I owned once upon a time which really gets the nostalgia wheels going in my head.

All in all this is a great pressing to track down if your an Elton John fan or a fan of cool and unusual pressings like picture discs. In fact the price of the set is the same as a normal pressing of the album so really not a bad deal.

I may have to wander to some other Walmart stores to see if there’s any other cool exclusive vinyl I’ve missed but until then this new Elton John set will do just fine. Pardon me while I take a spin on the the way back machine before the New Year festivities later this week.

As usual you can take a gander above at some photos I took this groovy set.

Until next time and possibly next year be safe, have a great end of the holidays and be well!!!






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