Paul McCartney Record Store Day Exclusive 45 – “I Don’t Know/”Come On to Me”



Well, I hope everyone had a good Turkey Day yesterday! I know I did.

As we turn to the madness of the Christmas shopping season, today marks the annual tradition in the U.S. known as Black Friday.

Black Friday, for those who don’t know, is a day when kindness and patience go out the window as shoppers of all ages crowd shopping malls, Walmarts and various other retail stores to get great deals on merchandise.

It’s the perfect way to start the holiday season and what’s not to love? Crowds and pushing and shoving – Merry Christmas!

While Black Friday is still a popular day of getting good deals in physical stores as well as online it also marks a fun day for music lovers and record fanatics.

Today happens to be what I call the mini-me Record Store Day as record stores across the globe feature sales of exclusive vinyl, as well as CDs and more, that are only available at independent record stores.

The grand daddy Record Store Day happens in the spring but today’s Record Store Day also features some cool vinyl treats and other fun stuff.

AND I happened to be off work today which is unusual so instead of braving the crowds for Black Friday I leisurely drove to my local record store to check things out.

Happily it wasn’t too crowded and I did manage to stumble upon the one thing that was coming out today that I was interested in – a Paul McCartney exclusive 45! (That should come as absolutely no shock to anyone whose ever read this blog).

(Note: The U.S. pressed Record Store Day 45 which I bought is the only hand-numbered version. Apparently there is an EU pressing but it doesn’t have the FBI warning on the back, no Record Store Day sticker on the front and is not numbered.)

The 45 consists of two songs  – “I Don’t Know” and  “Come On to Me” – from McCartney’s latest No. 1 album “Egypt Station” which came out this past September. This limited 45 comes in a uniquely hand-numbered edition of 5600 copies (mine is #566) which I’m guessing is a worldwide pressing number.

There’s an attractive stiff cardboard sleeve (see above) that houses the 45 as well a groovy cardboard inner sleeve. The pressing is also really nice as the 45 sounds terrific – yes I actually played it – and features two lovely looking labels.

My copy has “Sterling” stamped in the runout groove and doesn’t say it was pressed overseas so I’m guessing the 45 was made here in the U.S.

As usual you can take a peek at the 45 in photos above and if you happen to  live in a town or city with an independent record store and are a McCartney fan it might be well worth going out today and seeing if you can find one.

Of course only McCartney vinyl fiends are probably interested in buying this but it sure is purdy and sounds great to boot!

Until next time be well and enjoy the sunshine if you have it!!!




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