We All Live in … Pepperland – Yellow Submarine picture disc plus two magazines




Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, or at least never wants to end.

What better way is there to celebrate a warm summer day, two days after the 4th of July (a big celebration here in America of course) then to wake up to a new Beatles release!

And not just any release but a vinyl 45; a picture disc 45 no less!

Today a special limited edition picture disc 45 is being released of The Beatles classic 1966 single “Yellow Submarine/Eleanor Rigby” from their superb album“Revolver”.

This groovy 45 is being put out to promote the 50th Anniversary release of The Beatles film “Yellow Submarine” which is due to hit theaters in a few days for limited screenings with a buffed up 4K scanned picture with a nice 5.1 surround mix for the soundtrack as well.

I hesitated about buying this release as while it is a nifty looking piece is it really necessary? Of course the collector in me won out – shocker I know – so I thought I’d share some photos of the picture disc (above).

This disc looks very nice and believe it or not (yes, I actually played it!) sounds really nice as well. It features the 2015 stereo remixes of both songs by Giles Martin and was surprisingly quiet and nicely pressed.

I was expecting the disc to sound less impressive then it does but if you decide to take this disc for a spin you won’t be disappointed in the sound as it sounds great and I really enjoy the 2015 remixes here as they aren’t as loud as the remixes Martin did for the 50th Sgt. Pepper release from last year.

There are also two really great import magazines from the UK (the Brits have MUCH better music magazines then we do Stateside!) which both feature The Beatles that have just hit this side of the world.

The first one is a recent issue of Record Collector Magazine (one of my all-time favorite publications) that has a really nice feature on The Beatles “White” album which is due to celebrate its 50th anniversary later this year with a deluxe box set much like last years Sgt. Pepper box set.

The other magazine is a special issue of Mojo Magazine called the Red Issue 1962-1966 which features some terrific articles about the group  in that time frame along with some really terrific photos and artwork.

There is to be a Blue Issue 1967-1970 coming out soon and that issue will fit nicely in the folder that comes with the Red Issue (see above).

Both of these magazines came out last month or so in Britain but are just in stores around the States this past couple of weeks – at least near where I live anyway.

(Note: All three items above can be found at Barnes & Noble stores nationwide while the “Yellow Submarine” picture disc can also be found at record stores worldwide.)

So sit back and take a trip to Pepperland for a few minutes. Though in all honesty it feels bit like we live in Pepperland full time in the States at the moment- Blue Meanies EVERYWHERE!

And be on the lookout for theaters near you that may be showing “Yellow Submarine” beginning on July 8th!

Until next time be well and play some music!!!





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