Arise Sir Ringo! Knight in a Box – Ringo Record Store Day 45 Box Set


In honor of Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr) being knighted by the Queen of England yesterday I thought I’d celebrate and feature some Ringo love on today’s blog post.

Of course there’s no better way to celebrate any occasion then music and here on my corner of the Internet I’m going to celebrate as I usually do by taking a look at some vinyl –  Ringo vinyl.

Ringo is the second Beatle to receive a knighthood, Paul McCartney received his in 1997, and since being made a knight is quite an honor in the UK I thought it might be a good excuse to take a look at a very nifty Ringo 45 box set that came out a few years ago in 2013 for Record Store Day.

The Ringo 45 box was released in limited quantities (though it’s still not too hard to locate) and featured a sleek black colored box with just a silver star on the front cover with the word Ringo neatly placed in the center.

Inside the box are gorgeous reproductions of three U.S. singles from Ringo’s 1970s hit-making heyday – “It Don’t Come Easy”/”Early 1970”, “Photograph”/”Down and Out” and “(It’s All Down to) Goodnight Vienna”/”Oo-Wee” – that feature lovely reproductions of the original sleeves and labels.

Each of these terrific 45’s look just as they would have had you walked into a record store in the mid-1970’s. Actually, strike that. The covers do look the same but feature a much sturdier cardboard sleeve (unlike the thin paper stock of originals) and thicker vinyl as well.

Not only are the discs and sleeves a bit better quality than the original releases but these singles were newly remastered for this set and the super clean and quiet vinyl is certainly heads above the quality of the vinyl on the 1970’s discs.

Like the recent Ringo Starr Lp reissues from earlier this year these 45’s look impressive with no washed out photos on either the sleeves or the labels and they sound great as well – very nicely done!

The box also features a groovy fold-out poster and a Ringo 45 adapter that comes with the same artwork as the “Photograph” 45.

I know there aren’t as many Beatles fans into collecting Ringo discs as there used to be but these 45’s are so well done that it might be worth hunting down one of these boxes if your a fan of Ringo or The Beatles or ’70s pop/rock.

Anyway, there are some photos above of the Ringo box for all you Ringo fans out there. Take a look at just how nicely the labels and sleeves look – I love me some sweet loooking vinyl!

So, here’s to Sir Ringo, may he live long and prosper! (I know, I know, he’s not a Star Trek cast member but at least it’s got a 60’s ring to it lol!)

Until next time, Peace and Love (Ringo style!!!)