More Around the World – Monkees in Venezuela

Okay, let me start this post with a bit of background.

For years, from say around 1972 to 1985, Monkees records were out of print and not easy to find – at least where I lived. These are what I call the desolate years lol.

This was a time before my city had many used record stores and while used records may have been easier to find at garage sales I wasn’t able to drive until 1981 so it seemed like a barren desert as far as finding new copies of my favorite Monkees albums was concerned.

(Note: I’m just trying to put into context my train of thought as to why I buy multiple copies of the same album. I know, there is a huge therapy bill in my future but at least it makes sense to me!)

Anyway, “More of the Monkees” was the first album I ever owned (I got a copy before¬† I was three, no joke!) and since I beat my original copy to death playing it over and over again on a small portable record player I’ve spent a lifetime tracking down new and used copies of this album.

Since 1985 there have been several newer reissues of “More of the Monkees” released (both on CD and vinyl) and of course I’ve bought all of those but my favorite finds are vintage vinyl copies whether they are US stereo or mono Colgems copies or RCA pressings from around the world.

Every now and again I do manage to track down an obscure or interesting foreign pressing of “More of the Monkees” and just recently I found a groovy old mono copy of the album from Venezuela!

(Note 2: I must say that I won’t spend a ton of money so the price has to be right or else no deal. At least I’m not completely crazy.)

Now this copy is not in the best of condition, the cover has writing all over the back, but at least the vinyl itself is in very nice shape and cleaned up very nicely.

I must also say that the cardboard they used on the cover is some of the sturdiest cardboard I’ve ever seen on any pressing of this album!¬† It seems to have survived fairly intact even though it looks like it has had some serious loving over the years.

Since I’ve never come across any Monkees albums from Venezuela I thought it would be fun to post some photos of this nifty mono copy. It’s not actually that different looking from the regular US Colgems copy but I really like it nonetheless. Love those black RCA labels!

In the future anytime I find a cool or unique copy of a Monkees or Beatles album I will post them here so the other vinyl addicts out there can enjoy my fix as well.

Until next time, be well and good luck with your vinyl hunting!