Way Back Time Machine 1971-75: Old Store Stock, Promo Partridges and David Cassidy Vinyl Finds

Isn’t it nice to be so close to spring? Warmer weather, longer daylight – ahhh. I hope wherever you are the weather is getting better and God willing 2021 will be a MUCH better year than 2020.

I haven’t posted on here in about a month or so but in that time I did manage to find a few new pieces of vinyl (shocking I know) so I thought I’d share them with you today.

As per usual at this blog we’ve turned the way back time machine to the past, the 1970’s in fact. I’ve been in a seventies mood lately and seeing as it’s been such a craptacular winter I thought it might be fun to track down some albums I used to own on vinyl back in the day.

At one time or another I owned all three of these albums I’m looking at today (Sound Magazine and Shopping Bag by The Partridge Family and The Higher They Climb, The Harder They Fall by David Cassidy) but as I was under ten years old at the time those copies didn’t survive very well, or not at all, so I wanted to find some pristine copies.

As luck would have it some online scavenging turned up a lovely and NM promo copy of Sound Magazine as well as sealed old stock copies of Shopping Bag and The Higher They Climb, The Harder They Fall.

For anyone whose ever read this blog knows I love me some promo copies as well as old sealed vinyl. To me there’s no better way to time travel than to get a hold of old sealed copies of records I used to see all the time in the groovy old 1970’s.

First off, the promo copy of The Partridge Family’s Sound Magazine has to be heard to be believed. Not only is the vinyl nice and quiet but this pressing sound utterly amazing – great bass, nice presence on the vocals – it’s truly like hearing the record for the first time.

Last year I posed a blog about how nice a promo copy I found of another Partridge Family album (Up to Date) sounded and this copy of Sound Magazine sounds even better!

Stock copies of Bell Records vinyl, The Partridge Family’s record label, are notoriously hit or miss but these promo copies are by far the best sounding way to hear Partridge Family recordings I’ve ever found.

Case in point, the sealed copy of Shopping Bag (which I promptly opened) sounded good but there were several slight marks on the vinyl when I first pulled it out of the sleeve. I’m sure it probably slide around in the cover a lot seeing as how it’s nearly fifty years old (yikes!) but even pristine unopened Bell Records don’t sound quite as nice and as full as their promo cousins.

The sealed copy of The Higher They Climb, The Harder They Fall must have fared better as there was not a mark in sight and it sounded just great. Good record too. At the time when it came out I couldn’t stand the soulfulness in Cassidy’s vocals as compared to the sound of his Partridge vocals but today it sounds sounds so amazing. What a voice.

Too bad Cassidy never found the critical acclaim he craved as he was truly a gifted singer and not a bad songwriter to boot.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share my Partridge loot here and as a bonus I thought I’d join the 21st Century and am sharing my first vlog! It’s not the best quality but what the hey I thought I’d give it a try:

Also as per usual I’ve also shared quite a few photos of these records and the video above also includes a VG+ stock copy of Cassidy’s Rock Me Baby album which I found this month as well.

That’s all for now. I hope you’re safe and healthy and looking forward to warmer weather and hopefully better times in 2021.

Until next time be well and see you soon!

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