“McCartney III” Dice Roll On – Cassette, Colored Vinyl and Japanese SHM-CD

Okay, here we go again …

Last month I spotlighted the regular CD version of the new Paul McCartney album “McCartney III” with a review of the album in which I stated I thought it was quite good. I then followed that post up with a look at a special Target store CD version of this same album as well as four different colored dice variations of the CD each with a bonus track (available only at paulmccartney.com).

At the end of that post I mentioned there would be more to come. True to my word, I was right.

“McCartney III” has been out less than a month and yet there seems to be a never ending stream of variations of this album available in several different formats. Believe it or not there are over eight different colors of vinyl alone to choose from plus a cassette version as well as a Japanese SHM-CD pressing with four bonus tracks, the same tracks as the four colored CDs from paulmccartney.com but all on one disc this time.

Whew, got it so far? I know, believe me I know.

Each of the various colored vinyl records of “McCartney III” were pressed in limited quantities (some smaller than others) and as tempted as I am even I’m not crazy enough to buy every color that’s available.

As far as vinyl is concerned I decided to stick with the groovy green vinyl pressing, which is also a Target exclusive, as well as a pink colored pressing which has a very limited run of 1500 copies and was only available to purchase from Newbury Comics.

(Note: I know, I know, why even buy two colors but if you’ve spent any time reading this blog at all you’ll know the answer.)

Anyway, to make matters worse, or better depending on your perspective, I also ordered a cassette (yes I said cassette) version of “McCartney III” and the crème de la crème CD version of the album, the SHM-CD pressing that contains the four bonus tracks all together.

As I’ve said before I think the SHM-CD version of this album sounds a tad cleaner with more separation but the addition of the four bonus tracks makes this the must buy version of this album as the bonus tracks are very good and a fun listen for sure.

Unfortunately it’s not too easy to get a hold of the Japanese SHM-CD but if you look on Amazon or try importcds.com you may be able to track a copy down. It’s well worth it if you a McCartney fan and want the one-stop shopping best version of this album.

Why oh why all these different version of the same album you may say? Because, I will answer, it’s Paul McCartney. Seriously I’m just as amazed sometimes at the collector mentality but sine I’ve got it and I like to share it feast your eyes above and below on these new and most excellent variations of “McCartney III”.

I will say that since I posted my review of the album I’ve grown quite a bit more fond of the record and now I see it as one of the high points of McCartney’s remarkable last career renaissance. While “McCartney III” may not be McCartney’s best solo record I find that much like his ’70’s studio work this album is a grower and indeed it lodges itself in your brain until you fall in love with each and every song.

Too bad the song “Slidin” wasn’t released in 1979 as I’m sure it would have been a huge hit. This song so reminds me of the 1979 “Back to the Egg” Wings era and I would have loved to see it included on that album.

Anyway, this is my last dip in the “McCartney III” pool for now at least.Those Macheads out there will certainly enjoy seeing the various editions. I enjoy that there are three different back cover photos between the different variations as well as different inner cover photo spreads.

Until next time be well and if you haven’t given “McCartney III”  a listen, you must. It’s really a fun record and oh so every drop Paul McCartney.

TTFN until I stumble across some more juicy “McCartney III” nuggets to share.

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