Fifty Years of “My Sweet Lord” – 2020 RSD “My Sweet Lord”/”Isn’t It a Pity” 45

Fifty years ago this past November, George Harrison released his first solo 45 in the United States entitled “My Sweet Lord” b/w “Isn’t It a Pity”.

Fifty years on that may not seem like such a big deal but when this record came out in 1970 The Beatles, likely the biggest band of all-time, had just broken up and fans around the world were anxious to hear any kind of new music from the group members.

This debut single actually wasn’t even George Harrison’s first excursion into making music away from the safety net of The Beatles.

Harrison had dipped his toes into the solo music pool so to speak a couple of years earlier in 1968 with the release of his album called “Wonderwall Music” which was the soundtrack to the film “Wonderwall”.

The “Wonderwall Music” album featured mainly instrumental music that had a more limited audience than the music that was featured on the 45 of “My Sweet Lord” which had much more mainstream appeal and was a fitting choice for his solo 45 debut as it hit the No. 1 spot in many countries around the world.

Both songs on Harrison’s first solo 45 were featured on his monumental triple Lp set entitled “All Things Must Pass” which was also released at the end of 1970 to critical acclaim and huge sales worldwide.

To this day the “All Things Must Pass”  album is seen has Harrison’s peak both as a writer and performer with an abundance of beautiful songs that Harrison had been stockpiling as he had become too prolific for his allotment of two or three songs per Beatles album.

So in celebration of the fifty years since the release of “My Sweet Lord” and the “All Things Must Pass” album Harrison’s estate decided to reissue the “My Sweet Lord” 45 in a replica of the first pressing from the country of Angola as a part of the November 2020 Record Store Day crop of new releases.

This new reissue of  “My Sweet Lord” is pressed on very thick vinyl (as is the norm nowadays) and to add a little more attraction to collectors it’s not only a numbered edition but comes on lovely clear vinyl instead of the normal black.

Interesting choice too in recreating the Angola 45 of “My Sweet Lord” as it had a Parlophone black label and not the then current Apple label that The Beatles and solo Beatles were using plus it has an interesting picture sleeve with is a bit different to the ones that came out in the US or the UK.

When I first heard of this reissue of “My Sweet Lord” I wondered if it would contain remixed versions of both songs as it had been rumored for some time that the “All Things Must Pass” album may be reissued in remixed form for it’s 50th birthday.

Well the good news is that indeed the “All Things Must Pass” album is getting a brand spanking new remix which looks like it will be coming out sometime in 2021 but the bad news is that this new reissue of the “My Sweet Lord” 45 contains the original mixes of both songs.

Not that that’s a bad thing mind you. Having played this new 45 I must say that both songs sound really, really nice and in fact stack up very well sound wise to the better vinyl pressings of the “All Things Must Pass” album that have come out in recent years.

The vinyl is super quiet and both songs sound very analogue to me. I’m not sure if these are digital files pressed onto vinyl but if they are they’ve done a superb job as both songs sound great.

I’m sure that only diehard Beatles freaks like me are the target audience for this type of release but as far as quality goes this 45 is really well done and a nice piece to add to your collection of you’re a Beatles or Harrison fan.

This new reissue is limited to 7500 copies pressed and seems to be going online for a lot more than its original $21 asking price.

If you’re a fan I’m sure you’ll enjoy owning this single if you can find it for a decent price if not then I say it’s probably good to pass as the new  “All Things Must Pass” reissue on the horizon will be a much more satisfying purchase and I’m sure it may be a bit pricey itself when it does materialize.

As usual you can take a gander at this new 45 above.

Until next time be safe and well and enjoy the holiday season!


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