Rhino Records “Summer of ’69” Monkees “HEAD” Vinyl Reissue (Silver Pressing)

Ahhh, the summer of 1969. I remember it well.

Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch.

I can honestly say I was alive in the summer of 1969 but as for remembering it well that’s where things get a little fuzzy.

I was three years old in the summer of 1969 and the only true memory I have from that summer is the fleeting vague memory of watching the moon landing late in the evening on an old black and white portable TV set with my family crowded together in a small bedroom.

But, memories not withstanding, this post today does indeed center on the summer of 1969 – well sort of.

You see Rhino Records has just released a series of vinyl reissues that they call the “Summer of ’69 – Peace, Love and Music” that centers on albums which feature music from that heady, long-ago summer.

I’m sure the “Summer of ’69 – Peace, Love and Music” reissues are really meant to tie into Rhino’s various Woodstock 50th Anniversary reissues on both vinyl and CD but they did decide to reissue some cool albums.

The one vinyl album of the dozen or so albums that Rhino Records is touting from the summer of 1969 that I decided to repurchase (again, my wallet groans) is one of my favorite albums by The Monkees, the soundtrack to their completely off-kilter movie “HEAD”.

(Note: this soundtrack was actually released in December 1968 but since I’m guessing most of its sales occurred in 1969 I guess Rhino’s pushing of this album as part of the summer of 1969 is somewhat valid and hey any excuse to reissue a Monkees album is fine by me!)

Now, I need another vinyl copy of the “HEAD” soundtrack like I need a hole in the head but since that’s never stopped me before here’s what I have to report on the newest vinyl reissue that hit indie record stores at the end of July.

First, the highlights this new vinyl reissue:

  • It features the Colgems logo on the back cover (a small thing and odd to non-believers but for a Monkees freak like me it’s such a fun thing to see)
  • The album is pressed on silver colored vinyl which looks just great and I do love me some colored vinyl!
  • The album artwork is reproduced very clearly yet one point off for not using a mylar cover like the original but I get that the cost must have been prohibitive
  • By far the coolest thing about this release is the reproduction of the original Colgems inner sleeve which is now a one sided insert with the word Colgems replaced by the word Rhino – again a small thing but oh so cool! I absolutely love that Rhino has done this, super nice touch!

Okay, now for the sound.

I played the entire record and can say that it sounds great and is an absolutely terrific pressing with hardly any pops or ticks and has a nice full and punchy sound.

This new vinyl reissue mimics the original pressing with the same mixes as the original pressing, as far as I can tell anyway, with the short version of the “Porpoise Song” without the extra minute or so coda of music like the 45 being the most glaring thing that stood out at me as Rhino has often used the longer stereo version on its reissues of this album.

Truth be told it sounds to me like this new pressing might have come from the transfer used for the 2010 “HEAD” CD box set. The sound is really quite good and with such a nice vinyl pressing this album really shines when listened to on a decent turntable as it isn’t overly loud yet nice and full and warm.

A nice addition to any Monkees collection for sure and if you’re a fan of vinyl and don’t have this album then it’s an especially nice way to add some great music to your turntable and/or collection.

Well, there you have it. Not a necessary purchase by any means but any Monkees fan or fanatic out there will, I’m sure, really enjoy this new vinyl reissue despite the fact that Rhino has reissued this particular album a couple of times previously in the past few years.

I’d have to listen to those other recent vinyl reissues to compare but from my memory this one stacks up well as I remember those sounding pretty good. I must say though that the reproduction of the Colgems inner sleeve really makes this new pressing a compulsory buy for any true Monkees fans (okay, I can’t really explain collectoritis but it’s real and if you’re affected by it then this make sense!)

Above I posted a few pictures of this groovy new pressing and as always feast your eyes (or hide them if you’re trying not to buy any more new vinyl) on this lovely new version.

Until  next time be well and … goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

(Sorry,  I couldn’t resist. If you don’t get the reference then I’m sure this whole post must have seemed pretty tedious)







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