Nothing More Than Wishes – A Dream 50th Anniversary Partridge Family CD Box Set

Who would have believed that’s it’s been nearly fifty years since the television show The Partridge Family made it’s network premiere!

On September 25, 1970 that famous multicolored egg cracked open and unleashed one of pop cultures most beloved music and television acts that still has millions of fans around the world.

Speaking only for me I have no idea what I was doing on that particular Friday night of September 25th 1970 (I was only four years old) but I do have a vivid memory of having the single “I Think I Love You“, in its picture sleeve no less, bought for me.

As memory serves I was shopping in an L.S. Ayers store with my mother and one of my older brothers probably around October when my brother asked my mom if he could have the single.  Well my mother knew that even at that age I was a music nut so she bought me a copy as well.

(Note: I still have that single to this day but the 45 and the picture sleeve look like they’ve survived a tornado and I wouldn’t dare to try and play the single as it has been worn to bits)

The other fleeting memory I have from the early 1970’s and The Partridge Family is around 1971 when I attended nursery school I insisted that they take a children’s record off the record player (probably some song like “Old MacDonald”) and play my copy of “The Partridge Family Album” which I had duly brought with me.

I know I know I was a weird child but it worked and I also remember one of the younger teachers smiling and waving her head to the music as my Partridge album played.

I also remember having the picture of The Partridge Family that came inside the first album (the same photo that’s on the “I Think I Love You” picture sleeve) tacked onto a bulletin board for years as a child.

Needless to say that The Partridge Family and I go way back so in honor of that it might be fun to share something that would be the perfect way to celebrate this 50th anniversary – a 4 CD Partridge Family box set!

Now before anyone thinks that a CD set is coming out I have to say there are no plans that I know of for any such box set. And I seriously doubt in today’s streaming culture anything like it ever will BUT I did manage to get an unofficial set a few years ago that fits the bill nicely.

A couple of years ago a friend of mine found a four CD set called “The Partridge Family Anthology” online somewhere and since it looks real they bought it for me as a gift.

As you can see from the photos above and below this set looks completely genuine and I can see how someone not familiar with the group could be fooled into thinking it was an official product.

I was flabbergasted when I first saw the CDs as every little detail looks nice – the Arista logo, the artwork inside and out, the Made in West Germany text on the rear of the CDs (a nod to CD collector’s obsession with early CDs made in West Germany) and best of all the track selection.

You see each volume of this CD set corresponds with a season of The Partridge Family TV show and features all the songs from that particular season – containing both released and unreleased songs!

While it’s obvious the unreleased songs came from a dub from the DVDs of the show I must say this set sounds pretty darn good and as several of these lost tracks that were broadcast on the show but never released on vinyl have a slim chance of ever being released officially I’ll take what I can get.

It’s a pity too as a real 4 CD set mastered from the genuine master tapes and including alternate mixes from the TV show would be a Partridge Family fans dreams come true.

But to quote the late David Cassidy himself “Dreams are nuthin’ more than wishes” as clearly Arista Records/Sony have no interest in releasing such a thing. Its a shame as the the few songs that didn’t make it onto vinyl but were broadcast on the TV show are quite good and worthy of release.

Well anyway, here’s my 50th anniversary salute to The Partridge Family! A bit early and a bit fantasy but every bit heartfelt and happy. Yes I said happy as in “Come on, get happy”!

Take a gander at the photos of this unofficial set and if you were around when the series premiered reply to this blog and share your remembrances.

As for me I shall take one of thee CDs out and give it a spin.

Until next time be well and safe and remember … “Come on now and meet everybody …”