Ringo Starr Changing the World One Song at a Time with His “Change the World” EP

Well what have we here. It’s Friday, September 24th and Ringo Starr has dropped another digital postcard of sorts with the release of his latest EP entitled “Change the World”.

In March of this year Ringo released the first of his two new EPs called “Zoom In” which I reviewed here and I enjoyed very much. That EP contained 5 songs all of which I thought were very solid and enjoyable and definitely a fun listen.

Now with the release of “Change the World” which adds another 4 new Ringo songs we have basically the makings of a very enjoyable new Ringo Starr album albeit on the installment plan.

I actually enjoyed this new EP a bit more than the last one as I think Ringo sounds a bit less processed vocally on this disc and all four songs are very good.

Here’s my take on each track:

“Let’s Change the World” – First track, so far so good. Ringo’s vocal on this track seems less processed than his last EP and is more assured. I like this track. It has sort of a ’90s feel to it. Very catchy and well played. I also like that the lyrics are very relevant to 2021. A solid “B+”.

“Just that Way” – A nice reggae feel. A bit more generic than the last song which was very good. Not a bad track but will need more listens to grow on me. Solid overall with nice backing vocals – “B”.

“Coming Undone” – The highlight of the disc. A bit of a country vibe to this song. A nice vocal and the trumpet also gives it a bit of a New Orleans feel as well. Laid back and a nice slow groove.  Another solid “B+”. This track would have been great on Ringo’s “Goodnight Vienna” album. For some reason this song reminded me of that album and would have been great on it instead of one of the lesser songs on that LP.

“Rock Around the Clock” – The most processed sounding vocal on the disc but very energetic and a nice take on this evergreen rock classic. The superb guitar work really propels this track into one of Ringo’s better remakes. Another “B+”.

As usual the musicianship is very strong on this entire disc and Ringo certainly seems to be in very good form and he really sounds engaged on every song.

As I’ve said before I’m so glad that Ringo is still making music at all let alone music this good. I saw him last night on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and though he does look great for being 81 years old you can definitely see his age is beginning to show more so than in the past especially in his hands for sure. 

Who knows how long we’ll have Ringo around making music so I’m so glad he’s releasing new songs in whatever format he chooses to release them in. I will definitely give this new EP more spins and that’s really all you can ask from new music is wanting to hear it again.

Above you can glimpse some photos of the CD version of “Change the World” which was just released today on streaming services as well if you don’t want to go the physical route. Alas it seems the physical route for music seems to be biding time until it vanishes completely but until it goes I’ll enjoy every last release and I sure hope Ringo plans another EP in the near future!

That’s all for now.

I hope all you Beatles fans out there give these four new songs a spin – they’re very good and it’s sure nice to hear from Ringo especially as this friggin’ Covid mess is still engulfing the world.

Be well and see you soon!

“Vinylology – The Beatles Solo” – A Superb Book on Collecting Solo Beatles British Vinyl

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been to this corner of the Web, it’s been a busy month, but today I’m returning to share some information and photos of a recently published book that any true Beatles fan/vinyl nerd would want to add to their collection.

“Vinylology- The Beatles Solo – The Ultimate Guide to UK LP Pressings Variations 1968-2000” by Denis Shabes is a terrific book that takes a close look at The Beatles solo albums pressed in the UK up to the year 2000.

Published in October of 2020 by a small company called Apcor Publishing from Europe, “Vinylology- The Beatles Solo – The Ultimate Guide to UK LP Pressings Variations 1968-2000” is a treasure trove of information and photos of all the solo Beatles UK pressings.

Much like the books by Bruce Spizer that detail Beatles and solo Beatles pressings from the U.S., this 332-page glossy book is stuffed with pictures of covers, labels, inner sleeves and posters from all of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr’s solo albums released in the UK in the prime of their solo careers.

As any Beatles vinyl collector knows most of the UK pressings are considered the best sounding pressings out there so it’s nice to be able to have a guide that details first and later variations of the UK pressings.

I first discovered of this books existence a few weeks ago while watching a YouTube video by Andrew Milton of Parlogram Auctions. He was doing a video about George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass”  and held up the book while showing a couple of pages about the album. I had recently acquired a lovely UK vinyl pressing of “All Things Must Pass” and was curious to see if it was a first pressing or not so needless to say I was hooked.

(Note: my UK copy of “All Things Must Pass” is a later copy as it has the larger box made in the UK as first issues used U.S. pressed boxes which were smaller than later UK pressed ones. Lol, that’s the kind of detail I LOVE)

I looked the book up on the Web and even though you can only order it online and with shipping from Europe it was bit pricey (in the $90 range) I decided to take a chance and order it and I can honestly say I have no regrets.

Now I realize that this type of book only appeals to a small niche of collectors but if you’re a fan of The Beatles solo years I can’t imagine you’d be disappointed by the superb job Shabes has done detailing these UK pressings. It’s obvious from reading the book that he has done tremendous research on the UK solo Beatles pressings and the photos alone are worth the price of admission.

As you can see from my photos above the book is wonderfully laid out and easy to read. Plus the attention to every little nook and cranny from the curves of various inner sleeves to the smallest of label change between pressings is the stuff that collectors (some say obsessives) dream about and enjoy.

If you’re like me and had never heard of this book there’s a link below where you can see more about it and order a copy if you are so inclined. It seems that the pressing of “Vinylology- The Beatles Solo – The Ultimate Guide to UK LP Pressings Variations 1968-2000” is fairly limited but I’m sure if you have any interest you can still snag a copy.  It’s a must buy if you collect UK pressings so if you do have at ordering this book!

Well that’s all for now. Just a quick update about this truly wonderful book. It’s all too rare to find a new Beatles book that has interesting information as everything about The Beatles has practically been said but this book is just terrific and of very high quality.

I hope you are safe and well and until next time listen to some music and see you soon!

Book – Vinylology